Evaluation of ColdZyme Mouth Spray against common cold in preschool staff


Open-label, observational study during 6 months, winter season (Oct-Mar).


15 adult preschool staff members at a single school.


According to instructions for use.

Outcome measure:

Officially registered number of sick-days compared to the same period previous year.

Study center:

A single preschool in Skåne, Sweden

  • The specific conditions of preschools (kindergarten) are conducive for transmitting infectious agents. An infected child may easily propagate the virus among adult workers, parents or other contacts.
  • Consequences for infected staff often include reduced working capacity and absence from work.

Reduced number of sick-days in pre-school staff

  • We observed that when ColdZyme® was used to reduce common cold viral infections the number of registered sick-days decreased.
  • The average number of sick-days decreased from 7.4 to 4.1 days for the 6-month period, compared to previous year.
  • The average sick-leave decreased by 3.3 days (p = 0.04).

  • It can be concluded that applying a barrier to the pharyngeal mucous membrane is an easy and practical method to reduce transmissions of common cold viruses, and corresponding sick leave in personnel from the preschool environment.
  • Use of ColdZyme® could also be beneficial to the economy and society as a whole due to the potential reduction in sick leave and associated costs.

ColdZyme® - Chart